The ‘Write’ Frame of Mind…

It’s certainly been a while since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve been so caught up in writing and not writing that I haven’t written. If that makes sense to you, then we must be kindred spirits.

You see I’ve actually been putting the finishing touches on book #2. Whoot whoot. It’s scheduled for release in June of this year. I’m so excited about that. I’ve also been working on trying something new. Something really new for me. A NOVELLA.

Why is that something new? Because I’m the wordiest (Is that even a word?) person I know. I’m the kind of person that can’t even successfully tell a joke because I have to tell the backstory and get so caught up in the details that the person has either lost interest or is tremendously confused by the time I get to the punchline. I’m used to writing novels. And while some may feel there really isn’t a difference in writing a novel and a novella, I’d have to beg to differ.

Novellas are shorter than novels, yes. But they also limit the writer to a smaller amount of characters and as I learned in a writer’s workshop a few months ago a novella is a cross between a short story and a novel. Of course with every short story, each and every word has to fit to move the story along. There are usually no competing points of view and more is happening to the Main Character (MC) rather than a lot happening in the story. However, a novel starts at a stasis point. There are competing points of view and there are outside actions (usually at least 2 plot lines) that usually cause the MC to change or react. Giving me much more wiggle room to add all those extra words.

Understand my dilemma at this point? I have a tendency to want to put so many characters in my stories that by the time I’ve gotten to the conflict in the story, we’ve met everyone in the MC’s immediate family. With the novella I’m working on, it has been quite a challenge to say the least. For me, confining a story to anywhere between 15,000 and 30,000 words has done some major things to my psyche. I had a massive creativity shut down for about a month. I could not write. I literally sat in front of the computer screen with a blank stare everyday.

I had never had this happen to me. I started to doubt that I would ever be able to write a story, much less a blog post. I had pretty much chalked it up to “well, okay, you achieved a goal of being published…I guess you only had one book in ya.” That’s how paralyzing it was. Then one night, I decided to go back to what got me in the ‘write’ frame of mind in the first place. MUSIC. I have a deep love of music. Always have. It probably started from the very day my father gave me my first album. There was something so magical about all of the instruments, voices and notes coming together. At that moment, I remembered my muse. It was how the very first book I ever completed (not published yet, and may never be) was written. To a compilation of Eagles songs.

So, I plugged into my iTunes radio stations and worked to resuscitate my novella. Here’s to hoping I found the right soundtrack to keep my creativity flowing.

2 thoughts on “The ‘Write’ Frame of Mind…”

  1. Railyn, music absolutely fuels my writing as well. Each story I work on ends up with its own little “soundtrack playlist”. I find if I get stuck, it’s music that will get the creative juices flowing again. Looks like we’re kindred spirits!! 🙂

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