Little nuggets of awesomeness…

cropped-img_0303.jpgIs anyone else as distracted and mesmerized by Facebook as I am? It’s an addiction at times and I’m trying my best to limit my intake. I did for a while. Back in 2008, I left the world of Facebook behind, not because it’s not a great product, Facebook is an amazing creation. I left it because I realized I wasn’t being productive. I had been writing and toying around with the idea of being a published author for a while. The only problem was letting myself get so distracted with everyone else’s lives that I was living vicariously through on the screen that I couldn’t focus on my goal. So I walked away from it. Shut down my account and didn’t go back to it. Well, I’d like to say I quit cold turkey, but that wasn’t the case. I did reopen it I think once and then I walked away. (I told you it was an addiction for me.) Anyway, so fast forward six years and lo and behold I’m back on Facebook, but this time it was because I was finally going to be a published writer and my publisher said, hey, you need a Facebook page. So, I took their advice and I have to say, it’s been an awesome experience this time around. Yes, I still get caught up in some of the amazing experiences that others have in their lives. (I can’t help myself.) However, I’ve found some interesting and wonderful little nuggets of awesomeness on Facebook. One of those awesome nuggets is finding Indie Authors and Book Blogs (IABB).

Each Thursday, IABB post anonymous confessions of authors, bloggers and readers and I have to say it’s the highlight of the week for a lot of people. Me, included. The confessions range from anything to personal things to experiences people have had in their professional writing or reading life. Honestly, some will move you to tears, while others are so hilarious that you’ll end up in tears from laughter. What’s so awesome is how the bloggers that run the site do not allow for bullying and for negativity. Their main objective is to give people an outlet to vent, to share, to uplift or encourage each other.

Finding this page was so wonderful because each Thursday, I see so many confessions that I identify with because they are the same things that have happened to me and it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. For the longest time, my writing and being on Facebook and blogging and all of that have been about me. Will I be published, will I be a best seller, will I do this or that? But as I get more and more into this, the scales are being removed from my eyes and I’m learning that this writing life isn’t about me. It’s about those people who may find my book (soon to be books. Lord willing my second one will be published in June) and may be touched by something in them. Just the other day, I was tagged in a message on Facebook by a lady that read my first book. She told me that my book allowed her to dream. When I private messaged her and told her thank you, she let me know that my story, The Christmas Tree Guy, blessed her. That was amazing and huge for me. I’ve never met this woman face to face, but something I wrote touched her life. I was blown away. For one, that she even tagged me along with 30 plus other extraordinary and successful authors, but that I wrote something that meant something to her.

So thank you Facebook. Thank you IABB. And, thank you Lara for those little nuggets of awesomeness that remind me this writing life is so much more than I could have ever expected it to be.

3 thoughts on “Little nuggets of awesomeness…”

  1. Railyn, I also follow IABB and LOVE confession Thursdays. I’ve met a number of cool people and have figured out that I’m not alone in a lot of my experiences. I think it’s great we have such a supportive and welcoming venue for indie authors. Good luck on your next release!


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