It’s No Secret…

Well, it’s definitely not a secret any longer and I’m thrilled to see my second book coming to fruition. A Secret to Keep releases on June 4th, 2015! I honestly am still in awe of the tremendous amount of things that have happened to me in my publishing life over the last year. This has been an awesome journey and I encourage everyone who has ever had the dream of publishing to keep pursuing it.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many rejection letters I received when I first started my quest about nine years ago. But I will tell you that looking back on it now, I’m glad my first forays into publishing never made it to the cutting room floor. Why? Because my writing has definitely changed and is much better now than it was and I’m forever grateful for the rejection letters. (Grateful for rejection? That’s a new one.)

Seriously, the rejection letters did more for me than I truly realized at the time. Each one of those rejection letters pushed me to write better and to read more. I continued to research and read blogs of literary agents. I read posts by authors going through the same process or who had just gone through the process and I participated in contests. They also pushed me to go back and look at my own writing and really edit myself which I think can be hard for anyone. I started to look for plot holes and read the words out loud to make sure they even made sense. It was eye opening to read the feedback I received and I realized that with each passing rejection, I was getting better. I was digging deeper into the stories and I was starting to challenge myself to truly become a better author.

I have been tremendously blessed with the ability to meet so many new authors and to glean information from them as well as bloggers. This information is more invaluable than anyone will ever know. And, I am so thankful for the journey and I’m excited to see where it’s going to take me.

If you have a chance and would like to support getting the word out about my new release, please participate in the Thunderclap Campaign listed below. Click on the link and choose to participate with Facebook, Twitter or Tumbler or all of them. I really appreciate it!


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