Foster An Author…

14682192_10154726337644430_2068646015344267848_oThis week is an exciting week. Foster An Author is happening this week and I’m being hosted by an amazing blog, Teasers Addicts Book Blog.

What is Foster An Author? It’s this amazing event that’s happening all week, October 17th – October 21st on Facebook. The event began last year as the brain child of two ladies (Thanks for including me this year Jo & Isa!) who wanted to help authors spread the word about their work, but also wanted to get other blogs involved. I have to say it was all over my timeline last year and I’m so excited to be a participant this year.

If you get a chance, definitely check out the event to find new authors to follow and books to read. Also, there will be giveaways and loads of fun. Hope you enjoy your week. I know I will.


Take a look at the blog post from Romance Bookworm’s Review about my new release Lest We Aren’t Forgiven! Thanks so much Brandy!

Romance Bookworm's Reviews


A three month cross country trek has led Chris Carlisle back to a place he’s not so sure he belongs…home. Without his wife and daughter, nothing makes sense and he is determined to put distance between him and anyone who reminds him of his previous life; namely his family.

Kori Tagliotti has just moved to Glanville, California and it is the perfect place for her to leave her abusive past and move on to a better life. However, she soon realizes sharing her painful history may be therapeutic for both her and Chris. Drawing on her own strength, she helps him rebuild his life and heal his heart.

Unfortunately, external forces challenge Chris’ newfound stability and their relationship gets caught in the crosshairs of people who mean them harm. Manipulation, greed and lies are about to destroy everything they hold dear, and may even cost someone their life.



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